Jacob (jonifan) wrote in jonimitchell,

Dancing Joni

Imagine the power and the beauty when two accomplished artists come together and create a unique, contemporary tableau of dance, art and music.

Legendary Canadian artist Joni Mitchell and internationally acclaimed choreographer Jean Grand-Maitre have come together

to collaborate on a special

ballet that will speak

volumes of Joni Mitchell’s

life-long concerns about

environmental neglect and

the warring nature

of mankind.

This semi-abstract narrative

ballet danced in neo-classical

style will be performed to 47

minutes of Mitchell’s provocative music. The dynamic stage fully designed by Mitchell will also include the first release of Mitchell’s latest artwork, which will be projected on large canvass screens during the ballet.

Alberta Ballet’s 26 athletic dancers will merge – through energetic and sensual movements – with Joni Mitchell’s eclectic sound and visual art, and create a contemporary tableau that will awaken and stir the soul.

And I have tickets!!!!! Ha! There are times its fun to be Canadian.
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