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Hey guys, sorry these took so long, here's the first three of the bootlegs:

Live at Carnegie Hall (Feb 23rd 1972)

This Flight Tonight
Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire
Big Yellow Taxi
For Free
All I Want
A Case Of You
Lesson In Survival
You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)
For The Roses
Both Sides Now
My Old Man (encore)
Circle Game (encore with CSN&Y)

Second Frets 1966 - 1968

Brandy Eyes
Urge For Going
Mr Blue
Eastern Rain
The Circle Game
Night In The City
Morning In Morgantown
Born To Take The Highway
Song To A Seagull
Carnival In Kennorra
Winter Lady
Just Like Me
Both Sides Now
Eastern Rain
Blue On Blue
Sugar Mountain
Sweet JOni
Live At Club 47 - 1968

Cactus Tree
Morning Morgantown
Come To The Sunshine
The Gift of the Magi
Chelsea Morning
Song To A Seagull
I Had A King
Night In The City
The Pirate Of Penance
The Way It Is
The Dawntreader
Both Sides Now

More to come. Just comment if you take, and enjoy!
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Wow, thank you for that! Love live performances, and love Joni, so these are just perfect:-)

No problem, glad you enjoyed them! :)
Hey man, just thought I'd let you know that I downloaded these. They're absolutely awesome, love the little story she tells about Carey and stuff. And it's great to finally hear some of her unreleased tracks...she truely is a God-send! lol

Thanks a lot, will look forwards to the rest!
Hey, cheers!

Yeah I know, all the little anecdotes she slips in between songs are awesome. Totally a natural at captivating her audience. The others I have aren't quite as good in terms of unreleased songs, but they're still pretty cool if only to hear her stage banter!
Haha yeah! That's why I love her though, her stage banter is quality! lol Plus I'm in the process of making live versions of her earlier albums and there are still a couple of songs I dnt have. It's a great alternative to listening to the studio albums over and over! lol
Oh, I should also say I'm posting a thread to the community to try and liven it up a bit. Who knows if it'll work! But you better comment! lol
crud! Any chance you can re-upload the Live at Carnegie Hall album? I looove Joni and would love to own that :)

THANK YOU!!!! :}
hey! no problem, here's the link:


let me know if it doesnt work. enjoy :)